The Ranchero Build (v1.04)

WHOA thanks everyone for the big response to our little game! We hope you're having fun with it.

Since release we've each returned to our regularly-scheduled projects. But we <3 u all, and when we see people are playing it... it's hard to resist adding things! Your support helps us justify taking time away from our other work to add new polish and features here and there.

SPEAKING OF SUPPORT, tonight our friends at JUEGOS RANCHEROS are featuring ZMB at their first meetup of the new year! If you're in Austin, go make some new friends and blade together. If you're not, no worries! We decided to make some updates to the game for everyone in honor of this event (see below for NEW STUFF).

 If more and more people play, who knows, maybe we'll get to come back and add new levels or pins :)

Be well, bladekids,
Teddy, Ethan, Jenny, & Akash


Added helpful pin descriptions
Shortened the jump charge time
Shortened stun time from getting knocked over
Increased gravity a little
Added Sweet Blade Trail FX

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Jan 04, 2018 67 MB
Jan 04, 2018


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